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Hi, I’m Art! I’m an energy healer based in Van Nuys, California. I have a passion for helping others release the negativity that’s holding them back, especially when it provides them with a better quality of life, freeing them from self-limiting beliefs and doubts. 


Oftentimes, people are faced with energy blockages that leave them feeling drained and unable to manifest the life they want. This is where the energy healing comes into the picture.


I believe the Universe always gives us what we need, helping us work towards the highest good — that’s what drives my passion for helping others learn about themselves and grow spiritually. 


So, a little more about me….


I was born in Ukraine and moved to the states when I was twelve. Looking back, I always knew I was different, but I didn’t know for sure until I was 16. I remember trying to tell my friends about a ghost that lived in my house. As you could imagine, they looked at me strangely.


Needless to say, at this very moment, I knew I was different.


I realized I had a gift, and as time went on, I developed my gift to help others for their highest goodness. I've completed numerous reiki master classes before offering energy-healing services, as well as energy healing techniques and energy interaction in person and remotely, only with permission and for highest good of my client.


I use a blend of my teachings for energy healing sessions, accessing the Universal Intelligent Life Source. I’m here to help you release what no longer serves you so you can raise your vibrations and align with your soul’s true purpose. 


We all experience obstacles, and sometimes trauma, but it’s how we move past these things that allow us to grow, both mentally and spiritually. 


I look forward to working with you for energy healing during your spiritual journey. 



ENERGY HEALING "It's not what we do, it's our way of life."

For specific inquiries don't hesitate just reach out, we are here to help Contact Us

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