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What is Reiki

Reiki was introduced in the early 20th century by Japanese monk Mikao Usui. The Japanese word Reiki translates as “universal life-force energy”. It encourages emotional and physical healing.

Reiki heals the mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki sessions can be done in person, or over a distance (time and space are irrelevant). For a distance healing session, the after effects that are experienced are consistent with in person sessions.  Reiki does not differentiate.

Reiki Healing at Distance

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  • Who can get Reiki?
    Based on case studies by various organizations there have been no documented side effects from getting Reiki. So anyone who wishes to receive Reiki can.  Adults, children, and animals may get a Reiki session.

    How often should I book a Reiki session?
    Everyone’s needs are different, but in a general sense, it’s best to start with a few sessions a week and scale back as you start to feel the results. When you get to this point, you can book monthly sessions to maintain your healing.

    Preparation before the session
    Do not drink any alcoholic beverages at least one day prior to the session.

    The most important aspect for you, the client, is your intention.  The intention directs the Reiki energy that the practitioner channels.
    An intention may contain statements dealing with a physical ailment, emotional issue, or both. e.g. help with your backache, self love, getting guidance, or connection to your higher self.

    Therefore, contemplate what you want Reiki to work on and write down your intention.  

    A few minutes before the session begins…
    1. Choose a nice comfortable place to either lie, or sit where you won’t be distracted.
    2. If you are wearing glasses, remove them.
    3. Turn off your phone and/or any devices that might cause distractions. It is also a good idea to alert any household members that you don’t want to be disturbed for the duration of the session.
    4. Unless you’ve scheduled the session time during the night, you may want to set an alarm for a few minutes after the session ends so that, if you doze off, you are woken up. 
    5. Close your eyes.
    6. Take a few deep breaths into your stomach to relax.
    7. Either verbally, or internally, state your intention.
    8. Relax and receive Reiki.

    During the Session
    Note: all sessions are done focused on your intention and only in your highest good.

    You may feel a tingling sensation in areas that the energy connects to you.
    You might experience visuals as if you were watching a movie.
    It is best if you don't focus on any of this, simply relax. 

    After The Session
    You may feel peaceful, relaxed, relieved, tired, or energized. It varies from person to person.
    We recommend you drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

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